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101 Youth Football Coaching Sessions 1

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The main purpose of this book is to help coaches and players to get the most out of their coaching sessions. By combining our three decades of experience we have created 101 fun, informative and challenging coaching sessions, designed to give players the maximum time with the football, to enable them to improve their football skills. We believe that young players learn best when they are enjoying themselves and have accordingly designed this book around this principle by incorporating fun, fast paced warm ups, free flowing imaginative technical sessions and challenging small sided game practices.

We have designed each session to be as inclusive as possible, with as many players working with a ball, or a ball between two or three as often as it is viable, depending on the technique coached during the exercise. This is in order to try to move away from old-fashioned line drills, where the players are static and waiting for a turn and might only touch a football once every few minutes as giving players more touches of the ball will only help in their overall development.

From our experience, when working with children the more involved they are and the more enjoyment the session brings, the less likely they are to be disruptive or become disengaged from the session.

Each page will give you a diagram of the how to set out the session along with sub heading, which help you with the following crucial areas of your session:

• Organisation – how to set out the correct sized area and how to organise the players, which players need a ball or a bib and if there are any particular requirement for the setting up of the session.
• Equipment – what specific equipment you will need to deliver the session
• Description – a description of the rules of the game and how it should work successfully. This will point out the • Introduction basic objective of the game and how to find a winner to each game in order to make it competitive.
• Coaching points – the key coaching points of the session which you need to try to get across to the players. For each game we have listed three or four coaching points but feel free to include your own.
• Progressions – how to make the game more difficult. Some of the games are very basic and can be progressed quite quickly, others are a little bit more difficult to grasp and might take longer for the players to master. One of the most important aspects of being a coach is to understand when the group of players need to be progressed and their skills further challenged.
• Instructions – this sub heading will is only on a small number of sessions, and relates to specific extra instructions that the coach will need to call out during the course of the practise.
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