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    You can find post and view session plans in the Resources and here you can download great sessions. Please feel free to add in some of your favourite session plans here.
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Coaching Disabled Footballers Manual 1

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An FA introduction to coaching disability football

Introduction 4
LTPD Programme 5
Disabled people and football 9
Qualities of a good coach 11
Communication 12
Effective communication 13
Visually impaired players 14
Hearing impaired players 15
Terminology 16
Safety Considerations 17
General considerations 17
Specific considerations: Amputee players 18
Players with cerebral palsy 19
Players with a visual impairment 20
Players who are deaf 21
Safeguarding and protecting disabled people from poor practice and abuse 22
Responsibility for safeguarding 22
Recruitment issues 22
Vulnerability to abuse 22
Safe environments 23
Responsibility for the welfare of disabled people 23
Planning and organising coaching sessions 25
The Inclusion Spectrum 25
Differentiation (step principle) 26
Implementation of the Spectrum 28
Warm ups 28
Moves in twos 29
Find a friend 30
Alamo 31
Three pots in 32
Throw, head, catch 33
Heading for success 34
Robin Hood 35
Shooting alley 36
Traffic lights 37
Head for goal 38
Disability Player Pathways 39
Specific impairment structures 40
Cerebral Palsy 40
Amputees 40
Blind and Visually Impaired 40
Learning Disability 41
Deaf 42
Wheelchair football 43
Appendix A 43
Further information on specific impairments Appendix B 45
Useful addresses and contacts Appendix C 46
Safeguarding references and useful resources
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