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FA Level 2 - Session Planner - Pressing 1

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Session Planner - Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Football

Technical Practice

‘Pressing the mannequins’
§ On the command, players
progress up the channel,
pressing the mannequins.
§ Players must press as if
preventing a forward pass.
§ Progress to 2 defenders, one
pressing and one supporting.

Skill Practice
10 mins

‘1v1’ pressing
§ Red player passes to blue.
§ Blue attacker must dribble the ball thought the yellow gate.
§ Defender must immediately defend after their pass.
§ If they win possession the defender must run the ball out the back of the grid.

Small-Sided Game

4v4 with big goals + GK’s
Normal rules apply.
§ Offside r in the final third.
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