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Italian U11-U14 Academy Training Sessions 1

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Soccer Italian Style was born in 2005. Mirko Mazzantini (ACF Fiorentina) and Simone Bombardieri (Empoli FC) are both professional academy coaches of the Italian Serie 'A'. They have combined due to their great passion for youth development and they have embarked on a joint project that has taken them to various other parts of the world such as the United States, Canada, France and Norway. The Soccer Italian style philosophy is made up of the principal features of the Italian style series and Mirko and Simone's vast experiences of professional training in Italy and football worldwide. The book outlines a training methodology that is simple and efficient which the authors have personally tested over time throughout their careers in Italy. The success of this program has been demonstrated by the numerous academy victories against the main teams in Italy and European football with far greater resources. Mirko's Under 15 team at Fiorentina won the Italian Academy League in 2010-11 beating teams such as AC MIlan, Inter Milan and Juventus to the title. Many players who have been trained using this exact program in Italy have gone on to professional careers and have been capped for the Italian national teams in various age groups, where before this was simply not the case. This book contains 12 training sessions with each session focused on fundamental technical or tactical coaching that is analysed throughout the 6 practices. The 12 sessions have been developed to demonstrate the need of progressions in training, using the basic principle “from simple to complex”. Inside the two volumes there are general team exercises that are useful for all coaches and players in every position, but there are also many specific exercises that are designated for individual roles or positions within a team (e.g. attackers, midfielders or defenders). Mirko and Simone have a high expertise in technical training and they have developed activities that are open to numerous variations which means that the 12 sessions can be used over and over to make this program of training even more complete. This passion has driven the pair to “write on paper” what they have learned and experienced up to today, with a great hope that this method will be greatly enjoyed by the readers and used throughout the world to create top quality professional players. Soccer Italian Style Mirko Mazzantini & Simone Bombardieri
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