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U13's+ Attack and Recover football drill 1

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Training Plan
Attack and Recover
Improve fitness.
Work together in pairs.
Transition – from attack to defence.
Age range:
U13s +
No. of Players:
Even number – spilt into pairs
10 – 15 mins – can be intense
Grid 30 x 15m. 2 gates in corners at each end. At least 8 – 12 players split into 4 - 6pairs
  • Equal number of pairs at each end. First pair passes and move to dribble ball through one of the two gates at the opposite end.
  • As soon as ball crosses line the pair at the same end come out with their ball and aim to dribble through one of the gates at the opposite end.
  • The initial attacking pair now defend their gates.
  • If attackers ball is kicked out of grid they immediately become defenders as next pair attack but one of them must go through gate they are attacking first. This inevitably means that one remains back and tries to delay the attacking pair until partner gets back too.

Coaching Points:
  • Attackers move the ball quickly to take advantage of a 2v1. Skills, tricks, pace, pass, finish through gate.
  • Defenders – transition from attack t o defence FAST. As one is always at the line that they have just attacked the other who is defending should look to delay attackers and allow time for partner to return.
  • Defenders – don’t dive in. Look to delay and nick the ball away.
  • Apply conditions to make it harder for attackers eg they have to make 2 passes before they go through gate.
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