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u7's+ Goalkeeper warm up drill 1

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Goalkeeper Warm Up
Warm Up GK’s. Improve basic GK techniques.
Age range:
U7’s +
No. of Players:
2 + GK’s.
10 mins warm up
Min 10x10 grid. Bigger for older or more players. 1 ball for half of the players.

As a warm up drill should be about preparing for game, session and GKs should also be asked to make appropriate stretches etc.
Half players start with ball in hand and jog. At the instruction of coach players with ball serve (via throw or kick) ball to ones without to save ball.
Coach instructs high, low, ground serve etc.


Coaching Points:
Keep moving on toes. Anticipate.
Call, collect and cradle.
Step into a dive.
After player serves ball the server then approaches GK to apply some pressure as GK attempts to catch / make save.
Server applies pressure. GK coached to claim ball or push ball away from oncoming player pressure.
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