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    You can find post and view session plans in the Resources and here you can download great sessions. Please feel free to add in some of your favourite session plans here.

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    Dutch Football Technical Session Plans 1

    Dutch players & coaches are well renowned for their technical and tactical knowledge. But what makes the Dutch so special? According to the Dutch ‘Football is Entertainment’ and that’s the way they play the game. To entertain the fans. The goal of all clubs in Holland is to develop their...
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    Wickersley Youth 19th Festival of Football Tournament Entry

    19th Annual Tournament & Festival of Football - 2018 Wickersley Youth Junior Football Club is pleased to invite your club to take part in our annual Junior Football Tournament and Festival of Football to be held over the weekend 30th June and 1st of July 2018. The weekend will be a celebration...
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    Match Day Notes Sheets 1

    Simple PDF document which shows 4 football pitches for you to make notes on during a game of football
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    50 Soccer Game Related Practices 1

    These sessions are aimed at coaches of youth football /soccer who want to deliver game related practices for their players. Collecting session plans is a natural habit of a coach, whilst I believe the best sessions are the ones you design for your players, there are certainly some great ideas...
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    All Age Groups Save Grassroots Football Petition - Important sign now

    Our pitches suffer in the winter. Clubs struggle with rising costs. Councils are selling off pitches. If you have ever played, managed, coached, parented, watched or volunteered with junior of grassroots football in the UK then you need to sign the petition now...
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    Football Training Session Planner (Doc)

    Admin submitted a new resource: Football Training Session Planner (Doc) - Football coaching session planner Read more about this resource...
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    Football Training Session Planner (Doc) 1

    Really good football coaching session planner. Covering Plan, view and review.
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    SDJFL Friendlies

    Try and arrange friendlies in here
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    How to find relevant plans, age groups - quickly (Useful tips)

    Tags At the top of each post on the forum are a number of tag options. These can be used to quickly find information that you need. Simply click the tag and anything else with that tag will show. Thread Prefix Thread prefix's can often be found before a thread title. These can...
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    Poll Should we move junior football to the summer in the UK?

    We all know the score, it comes to winter and the British weather starts to take its toll. Pitches become a boggy mess, the weather is freezing and 6/7/8 year old kids are stood around wet and cold (Even worse if the team they are in is a double team). Games are called off left, right and...
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    Is the Elite professional game dead?

    Money has taken over the game we love. I know many regular match goers who are fed up with what football at Elite level has become. Although Audiences are growing, many have lost that love for the game they had when they were a kid. When I was a youngster, the FA Cup was a day long ritual...
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    What help do you need as a Grassroots Football coach?

    We have all been there early in our journey as a grassroots coach, we have a problem and need to turn to someone that has experienced it before for some advice. Whether that is how to deal with a disruptive player, how to deal with a rowdy parent or simply a useful session for a topic you are...
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    U12-U16's Possession in the middle 4 v 4

    This small sided game develops movements off the ball to use possession purposefully and create goalscoring chances.
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    4-6 year olds football coaching drills 1

    22 page PDF of different soccer training sessions for younger children. Mainly useful for ages 4-6 years old.
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    U4-U7's 4-6 year olds football coaching drills

    Admin submitted a new resource: 4-6 year olds football coaching drills - Younger kids football coaching sessions Read more about this resource...
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    SPL Scottish Premier League Celtic Football Club

    All in here
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    Premier League Manchester United

    All in here