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    Elevator Landing Door manufacturers

    Our history "PROFESSIONAL, QUALITY, INNOVATION and SERVICE" is the philosophy U-VIEW have been adhering to since its establishment. And take it as our duty to supply high quality, high- additional value products and services to meet the high-end market demand. Meanwhile, we constantly committed...
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    China Liquid Epoxy Coating Pipe manufacturers

    产品名称:外置液体环氧涂层管 这种外部液体环氧涂层管采用双组分液体环氧涂料系统,单层涂层,用于钢管的防腐蚀保护。管道经过的第一个过程是清洁和爆破。然后通过喷枪将液态环氧树脂施加到管道表面,形成均匀的单层环氧树脂,其在施加后固化。 规范: 标准:AWWA C210-2007 钢种:Q235B,Q345B,Q345C,GR.B,X42-X80,S235JR,S235JO,S335JR,S355J2。等。 尺寸范围:外涂层60.3mm-2540mm,内涂层219.1mm-2540mm。思考:5mm-30mm 证书:ISO9001 产品功能...
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    China Impact Crusher

    Our History North Heavy Industries is a wholly state-owned company established on the basis of the merger and reorganization of Shenyang Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Mining Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. 2007 acquisition of French NFM company, became a multinational business...
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    China Diatom Mud Coasters

    硅藻土是一种生物硅质沉积岩,主要由古代硅藻的残骸组成。不含化学物质,另外,隔音,防水等特性,有除湿,除臭,有效去除空气中游离甲醛,氨等有害物质和吸烟,垃圾产生异味,解决室内空气污染,显着改善室内生活环境。 产品规格: 主要材料为硅藻土,纸纤维 SizeRound(直径10cm),矩形(长11cm,宽7.5cm),方形(边长10cm) 功能吸附力强,抗菌,超强吸水 Colorpink,蓝色,绿色,灰色 thicknessFlower pattern(厚度9 mm),圆形(厚度9 mm),矩形(厚度9 mm),方形(边长10 cm) 备注布局图案可以定制,可以打印...
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    30MM Rotary Hammer

    Hangbo 30MM好锤钻Z1A-HB-3017 规范: 最大孔开口: 混凝土30mm 钢13毫米 木30毫米 额定输入功率:800W 冲击时间:0-4800bpm 空载速度:0-1300rpm 每冲程冲击能量:3.2J 最佳钻孔范围:8-22mm 净重:3.0kg 三功能旋转锤钻 使用反向系统 产品特点 1.新设计 2.风冷电机 3.双指,防尘密封,触发器,变速开关 4.Functions:电钻,钻锤,锤 5.360°旋转手柄 6.限制装置 7.用户友好的反向 8.专家品质 9.符合人体工程学的手柄,多个抓握位置,增加舒适性和控制力 10.恒定变速控制 11.30mm钻孔能力...
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    Titanium Nuts import

    Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd EO-GradeTi (Titanium Products Suppliers) is a privately run company that originated from its parent company of 2002 in Shenyang, Liaoning EO Technology Co., Ltd. The aerospace The aerospace industry is the largest user of titanium products. It is a useful material...
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    ASME Flanged Ends Forged Globe Valve factory

    我们的历史 辽宁EO阀门有限公司成立于2006年,我们是中国北方集研发,制造和营销于一体的专业大型阀门制造商。产品广泛应用于冶金,化工,城市供热,造纸,电力,医药等行业。广泛应用于冶金,化工,城市供热,造纸,电力,制药,污水处理,石油化工,环保等领域。EO公司始终坚持质量与创新的共同发展,为您提供网络,信息技术,智能化的流体阀门系统解决服务。我们的产品可以满足您的需求,让您在享受世界近距离的同时感受到低廉的价格 我们的工厂 在EO...
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    Customized Series A Flanges

    EO Flanges can provide ASME B16.47 Class 600 Series A Welding Neck Flanges, which Top of Hub from 26 to 60 in, Bore will be Specified by purchaser, Approximate Weight from 940 to 5000 lbs. etc. EO Flanges has been a professionally managed importer, stockist and supplier of ferrous and...
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    BDO solvents suppliers

    CAS NO。2163-42-0 InChI InChI = 1 / C4H10O2 / c1-4(2-5)3-6 / h4-6H,2-3H2,1H3 MF C4H10O2 MW 90.121 应用 应用1.未改性聚酯树脂(复合材料) 2.未改性聚酯树脂(凝胶涂层) 3.涂料用饱和聚酯 4.Polyurethane 5.Plasticizers 6.MPO烷氧基化物 7.MPO二丙烯酸酯/二甲基丙烯酸酯和MPO烷氧基化物二丙烯酸酯/二甲基丙烯酸酯 8.MPO聚碳酸酯 9.改性聚对苯二甲酸乙二醇酯(PET) 10.Personal Care 生物物理化学信息 密度1.001g / cm3...
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    Hard Facing Rod companies

    Cobalt Based Stellite Welding Rod Specifications of Global Fusion Cobatl Based Stellite Welding Rod, Alloy FamilyPowder HRCChemical CompositionProcesDiameter CCrSiWFeMoNiCoMnB CobaltCo0150-582.4530113≤3.00≤1.00≤3.00Bal≤1.00-OXY Or TIGØ3.2,4.0,4.8 Co04480.932113.510.50.5Bal0.5 ...