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    You can find post and view session plans in the Resources and here you can download great sessions. Please feel free to add in some of your favourite session plans here.


  1. Keepers!

    6 goalkeeping football coaching drills and session plan 1

    Goalkeeper football training plan Includes: Warm Up Skill: Sequence Passing Technical Practice x 3 Conditioned Game
  2. Keepers!

    u7's+ Goalkeeper warm up drill 1

    Title: Goalkeeper Warm Up Objectives: Warm Up GK’s. Improve basic GK techniques. Age range: U7’s + No. of Players: 2 + GK’s. Time: 10 mins warm up Organisation: Min 10x10 grid. Bigger for older or more players. 1 ball for half of the players. Drill: As a warm up drill should be about preparing...
  3. snoopjiggyjigg

    PFA Goalkeeper - Handling the ball session plan 1

    Goalkeeper handing the ball session plan
  4. snoopjiggyjigg

    PFA Goalkeeper Distribution Session Plan 1

    Goalkeeping distribution session plan
  5. Keepers!

    Goalkeeping basics and 20 practices from Middlesex FA 1

    This is a fantastic resource for those that are beginning their goalkeeping coaching journey. Even if you don't plan to follow the FA course, this will talk you through the basics that you can work with your goalkeepers on. Introduction to the different types of catches, set position, the...
  6. Keepers!

    Short goalkeeping sessions (Ages 6-12) 1

    Various quick goalkeeping sessions for beginners Brilliant session plan for starter keepers, including many Level 1 training exercises
  7. Keepers!

    Goalkeeper Practice Plan (Age 11+) 1

    Includes: Warm ups Technique Fitness drills Tactical Scrimmages