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Moderators and Administrators


Staff member
Mar 6, 2018
PlaylikePele.com is a community site.
It is a not for profit forum to help grassroots football coaches across the world share ideas and gain inspiration.

As we grow, we expect there to be a lot more moderation and also administration of the technical side of the forum.

As such, we'd love to get some help.

Help we need:

Moderators - To basically keep an eye on what is being posted and make sure it is respectful.
Administrators - To help keep the forum secure and help implement any upgrades. If you have experience of servers this would be a bonus.
Social Media - To help us promote via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc....
Graphic Designers - To help us with messages we can promote to our audience
Vloggers - To help us with a potential podcast

If you fancy getting involved in this exciting project then contact myself snoopjiggyjigg @snoopjiggyjigg - All positions are voluntary and don't require a set amount of time as such, just when you can spare.